360° Executive Reviews

No matter what position an executive holds, it’s important they know how others perceive their leadership. By gathering input from peers, direct reports, customers and others, a 360° Review will help you reinforce the positive momentum the executive has achieved and identify opportunities to strengthen performance when it is needed.

Company Boards and senior executives alike find it difficult to obtain complete, accurate, and objective information about an executive’s performance. Cascade’s 360° Review tool is a convenient online solution to collect this valuable information.

When to Consider a 360° Executive Review

Are your executives achieving optimum performance? Conduct a 360° Review now to find out … before it is too late.

  • When you want to strengthen leader effectiveness
  • When you want to improve organization results
  • When you want to improve communications
  • When you want to improve relationships
  • When you want to strengthen supervisory skills
  • When you want to improve employee engagement
  • When you want to increase customer satisfaction
  • When you want to know what your employees are thinking

Why Conduct a 360° Executive Review?

Conduct a 360° Review to learn how others perceive an executive’s performance when it comes to communications, leadership, interpersonal and supervisory effectiveness. Research shows that all employees, including executives, value feedback (positive and challenging) to assure they are meeting expectations. 360° Executive Reviews will help your executives achieve the results you expect:

  • Better leadership
  • Happier employees
  • Effective relationships
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • More satisfied customers
  • Greater profitability

Personalized 360° Review Services Include:

  • Custom review tool development
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Recommended action items
  • Experienced coaching support
  • Specialized executive training

What Can You Expect From a 360° Review?

  • Covers 4 performance categories – communications, leadership, interpersonal and supervision.
  • Includes 85 questions, 83 multiple choice and 3 open ended, within the specified categories.
  • Enables you to select feedback sources (direct reports, peers, customers, and others).
  • Permits skipping of questions when a respondent is not qualified to provide feedback.
  • Identifies strengths and improvement areas based on respondent ratings and comments.
  • Includes recommendations for strengthening areas identified as needing improvement.
  • Specialized support to help make changes happen in a practical, cost effective way.

View a few sample report pages from Cascade's 360° Executive Review. Take advantage of a FREE consultation with a Cascade expert to discuss your review needs and how we can help.