Retirement Plan Management
Together Helping Our Members Save More For Retirement

Tips for Surviving Market Swings
During COVID-19

Tips for Surviving Market Swings During COVID-19

Defined Contribution 401(k) Savings Plan

Cascade Employers Association knows that our members’ retirement benefits play a central role in attracting and keeping high-quality personnel. Therefore, we are committed to helping you ensure that your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 savings program delivers the greatest value to serve your employees: helping them save more and prepare for a more enjoyable retirement.

Therefore, Cascade is proud to introduce Matisse Capital as our chosen partner for retirement plan management. Together, we are committed to empower Cascade members to equip their employees to save more for retirement.

Who is Matisse Capital?

Since 1997 serving the Pacific Northwest from Portland, Oregon, retirement plan management and advisory service has defined the Matisse Capital team (formerly known as “Deschutes Portfolio Strategies”). Today Matisse works with many visible companies, with over $1.1 billion assets under management while maintaining a hard-earned reputation for meaningful and proactive client education and engagement.

Matisse believes that retirement plan management boils down to two things:

  1. Simplifying Administration for Plan Sponsors
  2. Increasing Employee Participation and Contributions

A successful retirement plan structure keeps the well-being of both plan sponsors and plan participants foremost in mind, with fiduciary consulting and proactive participant service.

Offering Retirement Plan Management to Cascade Members

  • Easy to understand, top-rated service providers (Standard & Charles Schwab)
  • In full-disclosure, transparent fees, with low cost structures

Providing Cascade Members with Professional Service

  • One-on-one advisor access and custom-tailored life-relevant advice
  • Client focused, with 100% objectivity to savings target

Serving Cascade Members with Distinction

  • With thorough and experienced fiduciary consulting to protect Trustees
  • By simplifying repeated tasks, educating plan sponsors and plan participants

Consider taking advantage of this excellent member benefit provided to you by Matisse Capital. Their team of professionals can be reached here or through the contact information provided below.

Dan Sholian
Senior Advisor, Matisse Capital
4949 Meadows Road, Suite 200
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
P 503 210 3002 I 855 210 3002