Retirement Plan

Defined Contribution 401(k) Savings Plan

Employee retirement benefits play a central role in attracting and keeping high-quality personnel so Cascade wants to be your partner in providing a top-notch retirement savings and 401(k) program. Entry into this partnership is easier for you, the employer – easier than going out into the marketplace or developing your own Defined Contribution Plan. Cascade's program offers employers a customized design with an array of some of the best investment options available anywhere.

  • Employers choose their level of participation

  • Multiple contribution options:

    • Employee contributions (Roth available if desired)
    • Employer matching contributions
    • Employer non-matching contributions
  • The Standard provides online and back-office administrative management services

  • Employees have online access to Morningstar Fund ratings and investment guidance

  • There is a wide variety of mutual funds available offered by Vanguard, Dodge & Cox, T. Rowe Price and other quality vendors

  • Excellent way to reduce the fiduciary liability of your plan through guidance from Cascade’s Investment Policy Statement, oversight from the Investment Committee, and fund screening from The Standard

  • Opportunity for both employers and employees to reduce tax burdens

  • Easy merger of your organization's existing 401(k) plan into this Association-sponsored program

Take advantage of this Member benefit. Let us demonstrate to you that there is a real difference between "good enough" and "excellent."

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