Affirmative Action & EEO

Do you have 50 or more employees? Are you a federal contractor or subcontractor? Do you have contracts with a federal government worth $10,000? $50,000?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your organization may be required to maintain an affirmative action or EEO program.

Cascade Employers Association offers a broad array of affirmative action program development and administration services to assist you in meeting your obligations as a federal contractor. Our state-of-the-art AAP/EEO system is a quick and painless method of complying with governmental regulations.

We will help you demystify the program development process by:

  • Determining Compliance Obligations
  • Providing Data Collection Support (including necessary spreadsheet templates and surveys)
  • Supplying template documents for policies, surveys, and notifications
  • Guiding on appropriate EEO designations for each job
  • Applicant and Personnel Tracking Guidance
  • Completing Statistical Utilization Analysis
  • Composing Narrative (Women and Minorities and Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities)
  • Analyzing Annual Personnel Activity (Applicants, Hire, Promotions, Transfers and Separations)
  • Completing a Compensation Analysis
  • Identifying potential problems and recommend appropriate corrective actions
  • Discussing recruitment, hiring, promotion, separation, and compensation practices and strategies

The benefits of letting Cascade help with your affirmative action and EEO obligations:

  • Reduction in your staff work time
  • Simplifies and expedites the process
  • Accurate representation of your organization's workforce availability and placement
  • Fast turnaround
  • Ensures plan requirements are consistent with your organization's policies and practices

For organizations that have already developed affirmative action plans and programs, we also offer affirmative action audits to assess whether your organization is remaining in compliance with best practices and ever-changing rules.

For additional information about help with your compliance obligations in this critical area, contact Cascade at 503.585.4320 (Salem), 503.224.5219 (Portland), or send us an e-mail.