Performance Appraisal Tools

Setting goals, coaching, and evaluating the performance of your workforce are critical to employee engagement and ultimately linked to the success of your organization. Whether you need to fine-tune your existing performance appraisal program or build one from the ground up, Cascade delivers expert guidance and support.

7 Key Performance Appraisal Components

  1. Communicating and understanding the company mission and goals
  2. Establishing clear and compelling performance goals/expectations
  3. Providing for open/honest/ongoing performance discussions and coaching
  4. Documenting and maintaining ongoing performance-related information
  5. Summarizing and discussing annual performance appraisal results
  6. Increasing employee participation in the performance appraisal process
  7. Providing performance appraisal-related training for all employees

Why Consider Performance Appraisal Support?

Are your employees meeting expectations? Take advantage of our appraisal support services to make your process more effective.

  • To better equip your managers, supervisors and employees
  • To streamline your program and make it more effective
  • To improve supervisor/employee communications & relationships
  • To align employees with the company mission and goals
  • To improve employee performance results
  • To improve organization performance results
  • To strengthen and improve supervisory and employee skills
  • To improve employee engagement
  • To increase your level of customer satisfaction

What Kind of Appraisal Support Can You Expect?