Board Development Services

Navigating best practices for boards can be tricky. Although they lead the organization (and direct the senior executive!) they are volunteers and typically only serve for a few years at a time.

Cascade Employers Association has several services that can help build an active and engaged board, as well help boards navigate common challenges.

Board Development Training: Cascade offers board training, appropriate for new and seasoned board members alike, on the best practices for building strong board dynamics and navigating relationships with the organization’s staff. In this offering, boards learn how to maintain the right balance between actively managing the organization without overreaching into common staff functions.
Strategic Planning: Establishing an effective mission, vision and strategic plan (and keeping it current!) is essential for organizational stability and growth. Whether an organization is developing a strategic plan for the first time or reexamining the status of a current strategic plan, Cascade offers facilitation services to keep boards focused on goals and not get lost in the weeds.
Retreat Facilitation: Whether it’s in conjunction with strategic planning or concentrated on building strong team dynamics, Cascade offers facilitation services for your next board retreat. From planning the design of the session to meet board goals, to delivering an effective outcome, Cascade can help with each step of the process.

For more information, please contact Alexis James at [email protected].