Dispute Resolution Helpline

A Risk Management Tool

Cascade’s Dispute Resolution Helpline provides your employees with an impartial third party to help facilitate a dispute resolution process once internal resources and procedures have been exhausted.

Employees access this Helpline when:

  • An employee is not satisfied after exhausting internal complaint or dispute reporting procedures
  • Very serious situations generally involving potentially unlawful or egregiously unfair activity that the employee does not feel comfortable reporting internally

Depiction of Stressed PersonCascade has no direct authority to act, but once contacted by an employee we share the nature of the report with appropriate members of your Management staff or the Board of Directors in an effort to facilitate a resolution process. The Helpline is not for general day-to-day concerns regarding working conditions, operations or the overall direction of the organization.

We take care of the hard work, including:

  • Drafting a customized reporting policy
  • Specific instructions for employees on how to access the Helpline
  • Explanation to employees on what to expect if they call
  • Program implementation

We hope your employees never need to give us a call, but if they do, we can give them peace of mind and also help you manage risk.

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