Employee Engagement Surveys

Wouldn't it be helpful to know what your employees really think? Research has shown that inviting employees to share their thoughts and ideas can lead to process improvements, increased morale, better productivity, greater profitability, lower turnover and overall improved organizational performance.

Cascade Employers Association has been conducting employee surveys for over 20 years and our experts can provide you insight into key employee and organizational issues, and help you understand how engaged your employees really are.

When to Consider an Employee Engagement Survey

  • When you want to improve employee morale and organization performance
  • When you want to improve communications
  • When you want to reduce employee turnover
  • When you want to improve product or service quality
  • When you want to improve your operation
  • When you want to know what your employees are thinking
  • When you want greater profitability

Why an Engagement Survey?

Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey to better understand employee attitudes on key issues as well as how committed, loyal, and engaged your workforce really is. The Engagement Index also provides comparisons between engaged and disengaged employees on critical issues. Research has consistently demonstrated that companies with engaged employees have:

  • Better productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Greater profitability
  • Lower turnover

That's because engaged employees give their best and demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond. They feel a part of the company. Yet only 26% of the U.S. workforce describes themselves as engaged. What would your employees say?

What You Can Expect

  • Comparisons between engaged and disengaged employees on critical issues facing your organization
  • Comparison between employee satisfaction and employee engagement
  • Assessment of key drivers of engagement
  • Key factors of engagement in a down economy
  • Union vulnerability assessment
  • Comparison to national benchmarks
  • Areas of strength and improvement based on employee ratings and written comments
  • Recommendations for effective ways to cultivate employee engagement
  • Support to help make changes happen in a practical, cost effective way

Our Engagement Survey Options

What's Included 68 Standard
Survey Statements
35 Standard
Survey Statements
21 Standard
Survey Statements
Custom Survey
Survey Development X X X X
Pre-Survey Communications X X X X
Survey Administration and Data Collection X X X X
Engagement Score X X X  
Satisfaction Score X X X  
Norm Comparisons X X X  
Data Reports — Electronic and Paper X X X X
Executive Summary and Recommendations X X X X
One – Two Hour Maximum Presentation of Results X X X X


View a few sample report pages from Cascade's Employee Engagement Survey.

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