Employee Handbook Development

Cascade makes your task easier by producing a clear, concise Employee Handbook that meets regulatory requirements and your own policy needs as an employer. Properly developed and administered, an Employee Handbook is a powerful tool that can:

  • Assist in recruitment and retention of competent personnel
  • Promote uniformity and consistency in human resource administration
  • Enhance employee-management communication
  • Contribute to employee job satisfaction and productivity
  • Help maintain a union-free workplace
  • Preserve an "at-will" employment relationship and help reduce and respond to employee-initiated legal actions

Cascade's staff is well-qualified to provide Employee Handbook assistance, including:

  • Initial policy development and drafting
  • Special policy research and recommendations
  • Comprehensive legal review with recommendations for changes or modifications
  • Supervisory training to assure consistent Handbook policy administration
  • Assistance with appropriate communication to employees when Handbook policies are changed significantly
  • Notices of recommended revisions based upon legislative and case law developments

Contact Cascade for help developing this important tool.