Executive Services

Who is your strategic sounding board? While it’s wonderful to have the support of your board, investors and employees, there are some things a leader can’t – or shouldn’t – share with them.

Enter Cascade Employers Association. With this suite of offerings we can assure you you’ll never feel lonely at the top again.

Strategic Consulting: Mired in the weeds, putting out fires and lost in the land of day-to-day tactical decisions? Working one-on-one with one of our strategic consultants can help you develop and implement the strategic ideas you never seem to have time for.
Executive Coaching: Leaders are entrusted with capitalizing on the power of their people, yet few have had the training or experience to truly optimize their talent. The return on investment with one-on-one coaching has been shown to improve communication skills, relationships, self-confidence and even work-life balance. (Ask about our new coaching packages!)

For more information, please contact Alexis James at [email protected].