HR Academy Certificate Program

A Certificate Program for Human Resource Professionals.

For the new and experienced HR professional alike, this certificate series is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to manage and lead in the core functions of HR as well as more specialized areas. Each session integrates core HR and leadership principles with real life scenarios, trends and the practical tools and guidance you need to take your HR skills to the next level. Graduates of the Academy gain more confidence in their abilities, perform their jobs at a higher level and are simply happier at work.

Training Table ImageAcademy Orientation

Prior to starting classes, you will receive a webinar introducing you to the Academy, its instructors and an explanation about each class. While you get to choose what electives you want to take, you will be asked to complete a brief online assessment to help the program’s instructors develop recommendations for your electives (just in case you want some help).

Choose Your Certificate Series

HR Fundamentals: Perfect for those newer to HR, or those seeking to expand their general HR knowledge. To receive this certificate participants must complete 22 credit hours.

HR Professional: If you’re seeking more in-depth or specialized knowledge this is the series for you. To receive this certificate participants must complete 36 credit hours.

No matter what certificate you seek, choose whatever electives best meet your needs. Take the classes at your own pace. There is no time limit for completing the series.

“ Taking part in the HR Academy program was a great experience. The information covered in the elective courses is relevant and useful on a daily basis. I enjoyed working with the instructors and other participants and getting to hear how their organizations manage difficult and complex issues.”
– Bob Loftis, Human Resources Director, Options Counseling and Family Services

Elective Courses


101: Employment Law: The Basics (2.5 credits)
102: Employment Law: Beyond the Basics (2 credits)
103: Family Leave: Basic Compliance and Administration (2 credits)
104: Family Leave: Advanced Skills for Family Leave Management (2 credits)
105: Family Leave: Navigating Complex Scenarios & Other Leave Laws (2 credits)
106: Wage and Hour Laws: Paying Your Employees Properly (2 credits)
107: Complying with Equal Pay Laws (2 credits)
108: ADA: Disabilities Defined and Basic Employer Obligations (2 credits)
109: ADA: Applying the ADA During the Employment Relationship (2 credits)
110: Discipline: Reduce Stress and Get Results (2.5 credits)
111: Making Job Descriptions Compliant, Accurate and Meaningful (2 credits)
112: Documentation: Write it Right (2 credits)
113: Developing and Updating Employee Handbooks (2.5 credits)

Engagement, Hiring and Retention

114: Recruiting and Attracting Talent (3 credits)
115: The Art of Drafting Great Interview Questions (2 credits)
116: Conducting Interviews that Get Results (2 credits)
117: Employee Engagement: Beyond Satisfaction (3 credits)
118: Onboarding Employees (3.5 credits)

Performance Management and Achievement

119: Effective Performance Management and Appraisals (2.5 credits)
120: Coaching Skills Bootcamp (3.5 credits)
121: Accountability and Delegation (3 credits)
122: Turning Conflict into Teachable Moments (3.5 credits)

Coming this October: Classes available by livestream and webinar


Fundamental Certificate – $750 Member Rate/$1,125 Non-Member Rate
Professional Certificate – $1,100 Member Rate/$1,650 Non-Member Rate

Elective courses begin this September in Portland and next February in Salem.
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