Compensation Support Services

To support achievement of your compensation program goals (e.g., recruit, engage, reward, retain employees while controlling costs and driving performance), our Compensation Team offers the following services:

  1. Compensation Strategy: Facilitate discussions to determine appropriate compensation strategy in view of Company goals. Provide specific recommendations to better align practices with strategy.

  2. Job Descriptions: Draft job descriptions that meet Company needs and legal requirements; includes interviews with supervisors and/or incumbents, editing as required following reviews by supervisor and incumbent, and recommendations on FLSA status for each.

  3. Market Pricing of Individual Jobs: Review data from multiple market survey data sources to suggest pay ranges for jobs and provide organization versus market comparisons.

  4. Pay Structure Design & Assessments: Compile market data for a group of benchmark jobs to develop a market-based pay structure (grades and ranges). Using market pay structure data, perform overall assessment of organization pay practices versus the competitive market.

  5. Market Pay Structure Maintenance: Perform annual updates/aging of organization pay structures and re-assess pay levels for all jobs/employees versus updated market norms. Available only to organizations that use Cascade to develop their market based pay structures.

  6. Pay Equity Analysis: Analyze employee pay for positions of comparable character, apply justifying differentials based on Oregon’s Equal Pay Act, identify pay disparities, and then make recommendations for equitable pay adjustments based on remaining pay disparities.

  7. Employee Benefits Analysis: Perform comparisons of organization employee benefit plans and practices versus competitive market norms. Includes identification of gaps versus market norms and specific recommendations for correcting shortfalls when appropriate.

  8. Total Compensation Comparisons: Provide comparison of organization total compensation practices (base, bonus and benefits) versus market practices and recommend reallocation of compensation dollars as appropriate.

  9. Implementation Recommendations: Review individual employee pay in relation to the organization’s competitive pay objectives and provide specific recommendations for adjustments and ongoing pay administration.

  10. Pay Policies and Practices: Review current pay related administrative policies and practices. Draft new and improved policies to support achievement of organization compensation strategy. Develop forms and procedures as appropriate.

  11. Variable Pay/Incentive Plan Design: Work with organizations to design, develop and implement a performance based variable/incentive pay plan that fits your competitive business environment and is aligned with your organizations performance expectations.

  12. Performance Management and Goal Setting: Facilitate development of measureable performance goals at the organization, department and individual employee levels. Provide training (goal setting, coaching, and appraisal), forms and policy statement to support program administration.

  13. Industry-Specific Salary Surveys: Conduct survey of companies you identify to compile market pay data (base wage/salary, incentives/bonuses, and/or benefits). Survey can include both industry-specific and general industry benchmark jobs. Cascade’s innovative SalaryTrends® survey systems bring you fresh, accurate, and carefully-scrutinized data on valid local, regional and national pay trends.