AnswerSource Plus - Unlimited Helpline Package

Simple, Smart, Cost Effective.

In addition to all the benefits that regular membership brings, get the added protection of an unlimited helpline – AnswerSource Plus.*

Why does upgrading to AnswerSource Plus make sense?

  • Unlimited helpline access to a dedicated team of human resource professionals with predictable pricing.

  • Phone and email consultation without worrying about extra fees.

  • Simple peace of mind. We are here to help you sleep better at night.

This upgrade is ideal for:

  • Employees new to their HR roles
  • HR teams in transition
  • Organizations where HR is handled by multiple people or across multiple locations
  • Positions in which HR is one among many different responsibilities (Office Manager,
    Controller, etc.)
  • Anyone who wants the backup of HR experts

Whether it's a question about a challenging termination, workplace harassment, family leave, or a wage and hour issue, our team of HR experts will give you practical guidance to address your immediate issues and help you better manage risk.

  • State and federal leave laws
  • Disability accommodation
  • Employee classifications
  • Overtime, tracking hours worked
  • Rest and meal periods
  • Performance improvement
  • Hiring, discipline, termination & resignation
  • I-9 compliance
  • Personnel file compliance

How much does it cost in addition to regular membership?

$1,225 per year.

How to get started - It's simple.

Select the AnswerSource Plus option on the membership application and submit. You will be invoiced for membership and a full year of the added protection of AnswerSource Plus.

Already a member?

Contact Cascade to add this to your existing membership.


* Certain exclusions apply, including but not limited to defined projects, investigations, onsite support, training, compensation plan support, and drafting of specific employment documents or policies.